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Current cluster-related projects and activities, to be implemented by PARP in 2016, include the following:

1)      Exploring the potential of regional clusters to become Key National Clusters

The project’s main objective is to demonstrate the potential of clusters operating in the Polish regions with regard to their ability to successfully follow the development path leading to the status of a Key National Cluster. The biggest clusters in each and every region will be featured in a dedicated catalogue along with background information on regional economy and smart specialisations.

2)      Dissemination and promotion of cluster management standards

The project consistsmainly in the organisation of a series of dedicated workshops for cluster coordinators to disseminate knowledge on cluster management and promote management standards. As a result of discussions and feed-back received during the workshops, a practical guidelines will be drafted on practical implementation of the management standards in cluster organisations.  

3)      Requirements and technical specification for a cluster monitoring platform

PARP intends to build a platform for collecting data on the whole population of Polish clusters. Figures and information will be used for research and benchmarking purposes while a two-way communication between PARP and cluster organisations will help improve practices and activities in the future. PARP and other government departments/agencies will be able to make informed decisions on new support measures for clusters.

4)      Support for internationalization of Key National Clusters

Clusters having the status of a Key National Cluster are eligible to apply for funding of their projects related to international activities. Support for internationalization is offered by PARP under Smart Growth Operational Programme, Measure 2.3.3.

In the previous period of 2007-2013, PARP implemented the following cluster support actions and measures:

  • Innovative Economy Operational Program, Measure 5.1 Support for development of supra-regional clusters
  • Eastern Poland Development Operational Program, Measure 1.4.3. Promotion and Cooperation
  • Indirect action under Human Capital Operational Program, Measure 2.1.3, aimed at strengthening Polish clusters, increasing their competitiveness and innovation capacity through human capital development and improved cluster policy.

PARP has also been involved in international projects and activities such as:

  • Transnational Alliance of Clusters Towards Improved Cooperation Support (TACTICS)
  • NGPExcellence clusters – Cluster Excellence in the Nordic Countries, Germany and Poland
  • Baltic Sea Region Innovation Express (as an associated partner)

Since 2013 PARP is an active member of the Global Practitioners Network for Competitiveness, Clusters and Innovation.

Detailed information on current and completed projects can be found in the thematic sections.

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