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Business support institutions
Business support institutions

Polish accession to the EU and the opening of foreign markets has changed the conditions under which companies previously operated.

It resulted in an abundance of private enterprises and an influx of foreign investments. It also gave innovative businesses the tools needed for development.

Within the periods of 2004–2005 and 2007–2013 European funds have opened new possibilities for pro-development ventures. In 2007–2013 entrepreneurs, business environment institutions, research and development units and public administration bodies will receive more than 9.71 billion EUR as part of the Operational Program – Innovative Economy, financed from European funds, for projects that have been contributing to the improvement of innovativeness of the Polish enterprises and the economy.

Thanks to systemic changes and the many bottom-up initiatives, the number of innovation centers and enterprises has been growing steadily. Many of them are entrepreneurship centers: training and advisory centers, business centers, consulting centers and entrepreneurship incubators.

Simultaneously, specialized institutions for innovative business support have been filling the Polish market. Innovation centres occupy a crucial role in the field of technology transfer and knowledge commercialization, as well as in building the innovative character of Polish economy. Innovation centres include such institutions as technology parks and incubators, technology transfer centres, and academic business incubators. Business incubators become more and more often involved in stimulating innovation processes.

In the middle of 2014, 176 active innovation centres and business incubators were identified.

In these crucial spaces, innovative R&D meets with thepotential and expectations of business organizations and funders. It is here where small and nascent enterprises, hungry for success, get a chance to succeed and where everyone interested in innovative entrepreneurship can cooperate and flourish.

Polish BSI Facts & Figures: http://pi.gov.pl/eng/chapter_86519.asp

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